My account of terrible customer service

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Case Closed! I feel a bit better

I spoke to 2 nice people from Bell today.

Angela called me from Customer Care. She has been looking into dropped calls and ran a report for me. If I have issues again I can send back my phone. She also did detailed follow up on some of my issues, including incorrect hours of operation on She was very nice and extremely understanding.

Vanja also called me from the Exec office. Bell Mobility won't allow me to break my contract but they are giving me a credit for my new phone. With my 2 year contract that amounts to $129. I feel like that is pretty fair. They know my troubles are worth more that $129, but hey I guess they have to make a profit... perhaps I have mixed emotions about it.

I explained that I hope Bell Mobility will resolve some of the issues I have so no one else has the same experience. I think all the follow up today, along with the credit has been fair, which is why I am posting this update.

I feel like this is finally over and really hope it is done with.

Thanks to everyone who contacted me with all the support and suggestions. I sure do know a great group of people!

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