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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thanks for all the support!

Wow - so many people have sent me such support and a lot of great ideas. One friend in particular sent some very good ideas for possibilities to get out of my contract. In fairness to Bell Mobility, I'm going to wait to see what they say (they promised a reply in 2 business days).

One friend had a great suggestion for gathering feedback because we're tired of these "crooks".

So, I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions around these questions from my friend:

1. Where’s the cheapest place to buy a cell-phone?

2. What’s the best phone out there?

3. Who is the best provider? (Telus, Rogers, Bell, Fido, etc)

4. A lot of new phones are not provided in Canada, is there a way I can still acquire and use them?

5. Which is better, Pre-paid cards with no-contract or contracts?

6. What is the most cost effective short-term and long-term solutions for cell phones users?

7. Where can I recycle my old phone?


Natalia said...
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Natalia said...

I use Telus, it seems to be more expensive that some of the others out there but my husband's work takes him to strange places in the province where other providers just don't have the coverage.